We had a few reasons to decided to start Low Code Plaza, and as we get this question a lot when we first talk to people about what we are doing we decided to let our first original article answer this question.

Hot and moving market

The Low-Code/No-Code market/Citizen Development is hot and evolving at a rapid pace. The founders of Low Code Plaza have been in or around the low and no-code market for a number of years and we see new players, technologies and business models pop-up every day, it never ceases to amaze us how many companies and people are working on solving the problem of how hard it is to develop software.

Almost impossible to keep up

Because of that fast growth and the continuous development, especially with the entry of a couple of large software and cloud industry companies into the market and the huge investments some existing low and no-code companies have been able to get it’s almost impossible for a dedicated professional to keep up-to-date. While we spend all-day, every day on low and no-code business and technology the sheer volume of news was overwhelming and both of us have been confronted by prospects and customers alike with new information about an existing or a completely new platform that we’d never even heard about.

Quality lacking

If it’s that hard for a dedicated professional to find the right information a casual observer or newly interested person has no way of finding comprehensive, high quality and vendor independent information. Because the rapidly growing interest also means that there is a lot of information out there that is just not that high in quality, it’s just meant to attract a lot of clicks and sells online advertising or is material straight from the marketing department of those well funded players or the large cloud and software new entrants, not really the source for reliable information if you are trying to decide how low and no-code impacts you.

The place to be

We decided to create Low Code Plaza as the number one place to come to for professionals and newbies alike to find everything on low- and no-code subjects.

We offer comprehensive information with curated news, the ability to communicate with your peers, original content from industry experts and independent reviews of the major low and no-code providers all augmented with the marketing information from the providers themselves. One stop shopping for all your information needs about low and no-code.

What we are building is the site we wish we had access to when we were getting started in this market and now when we try to stay up-to-date on the ever growing and accelerating developments.