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I’m David, one of the co-founders of Adalo. After speaking about no-code with many of my friends, family, and just about every person I meet at the grocery store, I realized something — it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly ‘no-code’ is. ?As a growing movement, the ‘no-code’ space hasn’t done the best job at marketing ourselves (but we’re certainly carving out a space!). Think back to the first time you heard the term ‘no-code’ — if you’re a developer, you probably feel like there are a lot of limitations in the space. If you’re an entrepreneur, you might think of ‘no-code’ as a quick way to validate ideas. And if this is the first time you’ve heard the term ‘no-code’, well, you probably have a different opinion entirely (or more likely, no opinion at all).

If you haven’t quite gotten into the space, or maybe you’re familiar with a few tools that classify themselves as ‘no-code’, you’re in for a treat. Some of the experts in the ‘no-code’ space have gotten together to share their ideas about how the no-code movement is going to impact us all. That’s right, they believe the no-code movement is going to impact each and every one of us.

After talking with many experts, one thing is for certain, the ‘no-code’ future is lookin’ bright ? & we hope to highlight that in this ebook & mini-series.

There are two ways to read the book: by expert or by question. If you’d like to hone in on one expert’s thoughts, the “Read by Expert” option is for you. If, perhaps, you’d like to compare and contrast all our experts’ opinions, definitely check out the “Read by Question” section.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing each of the experts full interviews, where they have a lot more to say on each topic (c’mon, I couldn’t make the ebook tooooo long).

One more thing about the ebook, I’d love to get your opinions on the future of no-code! Answer the same questions our experts answered and when we create a final conclusion piece, your answers will be a part of it! Fill that out here: https://adalo.typeform.com/to/u5….

Also, HUGE shoutout & lots of thanks to all the experts that so willingly shared their time and thoughts on the ‘no-code’ space. Hearing the passion & insight these folks gave certainly ignites a passion in me to make ‘no-code’ an even bigger part of our future!

Experts include:
Wade Foster from Zapier
Vlad Magdalin from Webflow
Tara Reed from Apps Without Code
Ben Tossell from Makerpad
Sergio Villasenor from Elliot
Jeremy Blalock from Adalo
Brian Luersson from Draftbit
Emily Lonetto from Voiceflow
Max Lind from 8020
Lacey, Ben & Matt from Visual Dev FM

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