(this article originally appeared on BuildBox.com and was written by Tiana Crump )

Game development isn’t just for coders and designers anymore. There are over 500,000 Buildbox members worldwide who’ve joined our no-code game development community and growing. Our diverse community of no-code creators all have one thing in common: a love and passion for video games.

In honor of our upcoming release of Buildbox Free, we reached out to the members of our community to share their unique game development stories.  Watch the video below to hear why they joined the #NoCode movement to turn their game ideas into reality:

Who is NoCode?

Below is the full list of the No-Code creators featured in the video:

Our growing Buildbox community spanning across the globe is a group of diverse NoCode creators. As shown in the video, with our software, anyone can make games without writing a single line of code. From young kids to adults, game development is now for everyone!

“I have zero programming experience, despite that I’ve created 200 games, 25 million downloads, and I’ve been featured by Apple 18 times all from games created with Buildbox.” – Simon Crack / Dead Cool Apps

With the upcoming release of Buildbox Free, it’s going to be even easier for no-code creators around the world to make fantastic 2D and 3D games. You’ll have access to a wide range of user-friendly features for lightning-fast game development. Easily create a game with unique gameplay mechanics with smart assets. You can also expand what your characters can do through our customizable node system.

“I just love the fact that you can make a game just by plugging in a couple of nodes. Boom! You’ve just made a game.”  – Rex Laborde / Backfiles

Buildbox Free will also include our upcoming feature called brainboxes. Brainboxes allow instant plug and play behaviors and actions to help you create complete games effortlessly. You never have to waste precious time writing lines and lines of code to make a game.

“Buildbox has helped me on my journey by allowing me to fast prototype and create ideas on the fly.” – Jimmy On / Glitchy Thumbs

With Buildbox Free, you’ll be able to create unlimited games and join our #NoCode community for free. Be sure to sign up to get notified when it is released!