It doesn’t need to be high-tech or rocket-science to have value. Low-code opens avenues for (potentially) less tech-savvy people with a good idea.

(this article originally appeared on Indie Hackers and was written by Bram Kanstein )


Back in November I launched a fun project called “Road to Scale” ( that I built without code. Using Carrd, Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheets & Gmail.

It’s a curated knowledge library with 300+ content items for every stage of your startup journey. It did well on Product Hunt (1000+ upvotes) and some other channels I used to launch it.

After 6 months 20K people had used it. That’s when I was approached by someone who was thinking about building something similar and asked me if they could buy it from me!

Little did I know this person worked for a $500M+ VC fund in SF. And yesterday we did the transfer!

For me, this is more proof that it doesn’t matter HOW you deliver value, just deliver the value, and people will notice! EVEN WHEN YOU BUILD SOMETHING WITHOUT CODE!

Why would someone buy this?
✅ name+domain
✅ have a starting point for their content strategy (instead of building themselves)
✅ potential to launch a V2.0 fast

The price is obviously not life-changing (a nice watch, depending on what you think is nice 😉 ) – but it’s cool to show that you can build valuable things w/o code, that can even get acquired.