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The secret of No-Code

Ewoud Stuurman
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The secret of No-Code

I believe that distrust about developing an application without coding is understandable. The most important thing about coding is that actions, behavior, and data combined brings you to the end product. You need all these things to build a functional application. The mindset of a developer brings the pieces together to solve problems. There is a need for logic when writing code because you need to know what the end product will be before you start. In other words, you need to know how to bring the pieces of action, behavior, and data together to get the desired end result. For example, if you are building a house, you cannot simply start building the attic. Even if you have a blueprint, structural rules must be followed.

Here's a little secret: There is actually, a lot of code needed to build an HPaPaaS platform, such as that of Betty Blocks. Programmers write the code that creates the foundation for the visual modeling elements with which you build an application. In essence, when you develop with a No-Code platform, such as Betty Blocks, you build without any form of writing your own code! All this is done for you by the platform or tool you use. It's like building a house with prefab walls.

Behind the scenes

If you are familiar with programming, the way a No-Code platform such as Betty Blocks works can be compared to an abstraction. Abstraction is the process by which a programmer hides everything except important data from an encoded object to reduce complexity and increase efficiency. In other words, abstraction removes the details that are not essential features of an object from the viewer's perspective. Those details are still there but they are built into the object.

Let's continue building the house, or rather, decorating it. You first start with the designs in which you process the layout, technical aspects, and functionalities. Then you find out what is actually needed because nobody likes aimless work. Ultimately, you find out if you can deliver both technical and functional aspects.

Build faster

So you don't have to lay the stones of the foundation at all or build the walls of the house yourself. That has already been done for you. When you build an application with Betty Blocks, you essentially use blocks of pre-written code. That is what the name Betty Blocks stands for. That's why building applications with Betty Blocks is so much faster and more efficient. With the platform, you can build by visual modeling, instead of coding, because the code is already in the drag-and-drop modules. Because you don't have to rewrite every line of code yourself when you want to make adjustments, platforms without code are ideal for quick repetition.