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Bryter raises $16M for a no-code platform for non-technical people to build enterprise automation apps

Funding for no-code and low-code platforms is not slowing down. This month Bryter, a no-code automation platform, closed a new round of funding.  According to Bryter the entire process from initiation to closing apparently took no more then a month, proving the eagerness of VCs to invest in low-code and no-code platforms.

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Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is a leading low-code, process automation and CRM company. The company has been highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts. Its intelligent platform accelerates sales, marketing,...

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Joget Workflow is an open source no-code/low-code application development platform to build enterprise web apps and automate business processes on the Cloud and Mobile

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The ‘Power Platform’ is a collective term for three Microsoft products: Power BI, PowerApps and Flow. They provide the means to help people easily manipulate, surface, automate and analyse data and can be used with Office 365 and Dynamics 365 (as well as other third-party apps and other Microsoft services)

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Salesforce started out as the pioneer SaaS solutions. Though the bulk of its revenue still comes from its customer-relationship management (CRM) service, Salesforce also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and low-code application development.

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Appian is a PaaS provider of applications for intelligent business process management systems (iBPMS), dynamic case management (DCM) and digital process automation (DPA). Besides these specific solution they also deliver their low-code development platform.

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PEGA delivers CRM and Business process Management solutions, but also a low-code platform and interfaces to business analyst, system analyst and developers to design and build their own applications in PEGA.

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Oracle has two different product in the low-code space: APEX and Oracle Visual Builder. While APEX is used to build generic data and transaction driven applications, Visual Builder has a clear focus on extending or augmenting the Oracle Cloud services you are already using.

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Zoho Creator is a cloud-based low-code application development platform that enables you to build applications that run on mobile, tablet, and web. Create custom forms, configure workflows, build informative pages, and get your app up and running in no-time.

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Trackvia is a low-code development platform that runs in the cloud and markets itself as workflow-management platform, however this is just a single aspect of its platform features

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