Author: Rob ten Kroode


Google App Maker is Google’s no-code development platform. It is part of Google G suite, and has a very strong focus on creating apps that use mainly Google services.

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Since the company’s founding in 2006, Nintex has focussed on digitally transforming workflows. They started as a well-known vendor for Sharepoint addons, but have their own no-code platform which services customers in 90+ countries.

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Oriana uses the approach of delivering building blocks combined with their low-code platform to build applications. They have a focus on BPM and workflow automation, and their approach of pre-defined pieces of functionality puts them at the forefront of prescriptive low-code.

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Novulo’s  low-code platform combines low-code development with of the shelf and proven solutions and components governed by a pre-defined enterprise architecture. Prescriptive low-code, as Forrester calls it.

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Mendix is one of the low-code platform leaders, according to Gartner & Forrester. Founded in 2005 in The Netherlands, they were acquired by Siemens in 2018. They currently have a global presence to deliver their platform.

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